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Frequently Asked Questions

Every families requirements for funeral arrangements are different. Each and every funeral is individual to the family concerned, because no two families are the same. However there are many questions that you as a family will want answering in a bid to say farewell to a loved one in the most appropriate manner. Below are questions that we are most often asked about the funeral and the services that we can offer.

Q 1. How many people will the limousine seat?

A. The limousine will comfortably carry 6 people in the rear, and if necessary one in the front with the chauffeur.

Q 2. Can we the family of the deceased carry the coffin?

A. Yes.

Q 3. Can family and friends come to our chapel to pay their last respects?

A. Yes, our chapel is available to you any time during office hours, and out of office hours. If you wish to pay your last respects out of office hours, just ring us and we will open the chapel for you.

Q 4. Can we play a favorite piece of music at the church or crematorium?

A. Yes, if you would like a favorite piece of music played either entering or leaving the chapel, or even during the service this can be arranged for you.

Q 5. Can we request donations to a charity or a particular organization?

A. Yes, we will gladly arrange with a charity or organization of your choice to send any donations that are received in memory of a loved one. When all donation monies have been sent we will write to you with the total amount sent, plus a list of names of those who made donations.

Q 6. At the crematorium is anything removed from the coffin i.e.. handles before the cremation?

A. No. There are strict laws that govern crematoriums, and the removal of coffin handles etc is forbidden.

Q 7. Is each cremation carried out individually?

A. Yes. The coffin name plate is checked for identification purposes before being placed into the cremator chamber. The cremator will only hold one coffin at a time, and by law only one cremation is allowed at a time.

Q 8. Do I get my loved one's cremated remains back?

A. Yes. Because only one cremation at a time can be carried out in the cremator, once the cremation process has finished the cremated remains are cooled, then removed from the cremator and placed into an urn that is clearly identified with the persons details.

Q 9. What are the options for the cremated remains?

A. There are a number of options available to you. Firstly cremated remains can be scattered in the crematoriums garden of rest either in the presence of the family or just in the presence of the crematorium staff. Secondly you can instruct us to make arrangements with the crematorium for the cremated remains to be interred either in a cremation plot or a family grave if one is available. Thirdly, cremated remains can be removed from the crematorium by ourselves on the families behalf and returned back to a family where you may wish to keep them at home, or take them to a special place that was personal to that person.

Q 10. How soon after a burial can I place a headstone on a grave?

A. Normally the length of time after a burial has taken place is about 6 months. This is so that the ground has time to settle again so that it can support the weight of a headstone.

These are just a few frequently asked questions. If there is a question you have that isn't here, then please contact either Michele or Anthony.

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